Jennifer and I attended law school together (she was a couple years ahead of me), and she later handled my divorce case. I know her to be an extraordinarily dedicated and competent attorney, as well as a compassionate and strong advocate. I highly recommend her both as a colleague, and as a very satisfied client.
— Kait W.

Although my divorce was finalized in 2010, my legal complications in family court were only beginning at that time. I’d been through many lawyers and law firms in addition to having several paid for consultations to steer me in the right direction. My case was considered high conflict and kids were involved so finding the right attorney this time around was not optional.

When I first talked with Jennifer McCall about my case, she got it right from the start. She actively listened, injected counsel where appropriate and provided direct feedback when needed. As we know, trust is something that is earned. Jennifer was intent on gaining my trust. She understood my previous legal challenges and didn’t dismiss the reality of those challenges. But she also did it in such a way that we were able to maintain dignity and integrity throughout the case.

Jennifer is also a person of her word. Having an attorney that returns calls, emails, etc is huge. I never worried about Jennifer getting back to me because she always did so in a timely manner. If the timing of getting back to me was slightly longer than normal, I knew that she was working to get me an update. I never had to worry or chase my lawyer down.

Jennifer McCall is a person of action and integrity. She has a core belief of doing what’s right and that’s the model she displays as a person and as a lawyer. For me, putting my trust in someone with my case was a big step. I have no regrets and could not be anymore thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer. Again, I’ve worked with many lawyers and Jennifer was able to see what others could not. My personal experience was life changing as a result of working with her.
— Marco A.

Mrs. McCall is an amazing attorney. There are so many words that come to mind that reflect her level of professionalism, compassion, and knowledge that I don’t know where to start.

Let me just say that she is the BEST. I live in a major US city but found myself in need of an attorney on her area for a local family matter. I was so relieved and quite surprised to be able to meet with her (via telecommunications) on such short notice. She was calm in an unnerving situation and very knowledgable about an immediate plan of action. I was impressed by the swiftness with which she took charge of the case. Where other family members had not been able to make a way for over a week Jennifer found a fair resolution within a day. She even went above and beyond what was necessary to ensure that everyone understood the process and felt comfortable with the resolution.

I am filled with gratitude for her and would definitely recommend her services. I deal with “city slickers” every day and was overwhelmed by the circumstances in this case. It was nice to have someone like Mrs. McCall in our corner who didn’t back down but handled herself with class and grace.
— M.C.

Jennifer was amazing for my case. I’ve worked with several attorneys and never have they been as prompt and thorough as Jennifer. Her work is phenomenal and we were able to come to an agreement very fast. I would recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance!
— Ashley J.

It’s a great feeling when your attorney approaches the bench and the Judge greets her by her name. My husband and I want to thank Jennifer for her help and assistance throughout the legitimation/custody process of our little one! Jennifer’s assistance made the process a lot more smoother and less stressful. There was never a time that our questions were not responded in a prompt and thorough fashion and she always treated us with the most upmost respect and kindness. Thank you so much!
— Vanessa C.

I couldn’t be more happy than I am with Jennifer McCall and her team. They are a perfect example for how to not only legally assist in a divorce, but most importantly walk you through the process with not only their minds but their hearts. Truly great people first, and great representation. I thank you everyday Jennifer McCall for being my biggest cheerleader!
— Craig P.